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information on car donations

Car Donation Infoline was created to provide information about car donations, and to make donating vehicles far easier for those that wish to contribute to the less fortunate section of the society.

Citizens can help to save lives, improve lifestyles and save themselves the time, money and effort required in trying to sell their vehicles. Some of the intermediary agencies that offer to handle your car donation end up keeping up to 85-90% of the vehicles value themselves.

This website contains some helpful information for those looking to donate their vehicles, and also help you in making an informed and correct decision. Information on how to avoid Donation Scams and directly contact the donation centers to cut out the middlemen involved.

Get Tax Benefit

By donating your vehicle you are not only helping a great cause but can also take advantage of the tax regulations designed to reward such generosity. The IRS has set up rules and regulations so that the taxpayers can deduct the value of their donations made to legitimate charities get a tax rebate when filling your income tax.

Get all the vehicle donation related tax information in our Tax Regulations section.

Got question...get the answers at the FAQ section.

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