How much do you know about Goodwill?

Do you know about Goodwill? Americans know what is it but to other countries that Goodwill offices is not located they do not have an idea what is it. This article is to guide and inform you about Goodwill. Goodwill is a non-profit organization who have existed for long years doing its own works. It was founded in 1902 by a social innovator and a Methodist minister. The purpose of goodwill is to improve the life status of people by helping them understand and dream to reach their own potential by providing skills training, education and work assistance.

Anyone who wants to benefit on this program can reach out to them. They have proven their mission by meeting the needs of those who are seeking jobs. There are programs for seniors, veterans, youth, and people with disabilities and also persons with criminal background. According to their record they have helped an average of 312,000 people during 2015 for different career like health care, banking and IT. And they do the banking nicely  go here 凡藝會計師事務所. They also receive trainings in child care, language and transportation access.

It started from a humble beginning when the founder collect clothing and household goods who are already used then hire and train poor workers to repair and mend the goods. After that they were either resold or they give to the ones who repair them. The project was successful and thus the birth of Goodwill.