Enumerating the Addicting Car Racing Games

These days, not only the real sports car racing are being played. Many young people are being addicted on playing different computer games and one of it is the car racing game. There are many different kinds of car racing games found in computers. We will be enumerating some of the most addictive car racing games. Burnin’ Rubber 5, Burnin’ Rubber 3, Redline Rumble 4: IgNitro City, Redline Rumble, Speed Racer-The Great Plan, Redline Rumble 3, and Burnin’ Rubber. Is it all? There are more. The racing games mentioned are actually on the top ten mostly played. Once you play these games, you might not want your fingers to be separated on your computer or laptop’s keyboard. Be careful! Too much addiction in these kinds of computer games is very dangerous especially to your health. There are actually 186 car racing games to be enumerated on the list but only few will be given. 4 Wheel Madness, 4×4 Offroad Racing, Alpine Escape, American Racing, American Racing 2, American Tow Truck, American Truck 2, Angel Power Racing, Autowars, and Awesome Cars are also included on the list. These games are easily downloaded these days. You can just choose the game you want. You may also try to play Carbon Auto Theft, Circuit Racer, Club Nitro, Crash n Smash Derby, Crash Them All, Crazy Topy, Create a Ride, Death Drift, Desktop Racing 2, Destroy All Cars, and Dream Cars. Just drop the clutch and hit the gas with these exciting and addicting car racing games!