Famous Car Brand in East sia

Car has become one of the best-selling needs in the world. In the world of cars, China gets its fame for having been sold famous car brands in Asia. What are the car brands that are arising in this generation?

1. Chery-when it comes to automobile manufacturing in China, Chery is the best although the company was just established in 1997. Chery SUV makes the popularity of the company.

2. Ford-Ford Focus is a famous car name that is seen in China’s branded cars.

3. Daewoo- The Daewoo Motor Company is established in Korea and is famous for its brand in east Asia. Daewoo makes it possible for famous people to buy this product.

4. Hyundai-Hyundai Corporation is famous for its well-built manufactured products not only cars but many household tools, devices and appliances. Hyundai brand of a car is famous all over the world.

5. Mitsubishi-Mitsubishi Corporation is again founded in Japan when Japan is achieving its growth and is now one of the most famous brand name in the world

6. Lexus-Lexus is one of the recent brand name of a car that is founded in Japan. It is famous for its quality and luxurious type. Japan is one of the best automobile manufacturers in the world. Lexus made more fame to the branded cars of Japan.

7. Toyota-Toyota Motor Corporation was first founded in Japan. Toyota Corolla of Japan is not only famous but best-selling brand in the Asia. Not only Toyota is a luxurious brand name but also perform activities in the field of agriculture, biotechnology and aerospace.