Guide to Donate a Car

This website is intended to provide information for those who want to donate cars. People who wish to donate cars seek for easier and faster way to donate. This was created to provide them the convenience of an easy-way to donate vehicles and some helpful information to avoid some donation scams. Not everyone is fortunate in a society but somehow, they can help each other. People can help each other and make a difference, improve lifestyle and even save lives. Generous individuals give a hand to less fortunate people through donations such as donating cars. Knowing how to donate cars is very important in order to save money, time and effort. No need to call people, no need to advertise, no need to waste your time in trying to sell your car. Actually, by donating your car, you do not only help in great cause but you can also have tax benefit. This website was created to give those people who like to donate cars correct information and decision to avoid any inconvenience and even being a victim of not certified middlemen involved.

  1. Understand The rules first

Regarding donating cars, it is recommended to read the government rules in IRS’s website. Reading the rules will avoid you from meeting any complications and troubles.

  1. Determine the value of your old car

You can not sell your car with the same price as the brand new’s. IRS Publication 561 contains a good standard in selling your car.

  1. Find a Charity to donate your vehicle

In order to be tax deductible, find qualified and legitimate non-profit and charity organizations worthy to receive donations.

  1. Make your Donation

Make sure that you have a written document for donating a car to an organization so that your tax deduction will be surely applied.