Help People by Donating Cars

Have you ever thought of donating cars? Well, there are many programs donating cars, house and lot in the world. People in this generation do not need only smartphones but also cars for transportation. This is why rich and poor people put their mind to buying a car of their own. For poor countries, they can only sustain their daily life so they can not afford buying their car on cash. Most probably, if they want to buy a car, they go for installment, which is actually much expensive. In the west, car is a need. However, in the third world countries, car is a pleasure. Probably, in the west it is very hard to exist without having your private car. On the other hand, it is cheaper to live without your private vehicle but having car is very advantageous in your daily life. So why help people by donating cars to them?

Actually, it takes years to pay a car. So if you donate cars, then debt is no more. You can also help people save their time from waiting public transportation. Having private car is also convenient for those whose time is precious. It also saves money from daily transportation and money for public transportation. In fact, buying your gasoline is cheaper than riding public transportation such as buses, vans and trains that are profit industries. We see in reality that people who use public transportation are discomforted by just standing in the buses just because there are no seats available for them. There are even infectious diseases spreading inside the buses. When accidents happen, the more people inside a public transportation, the more people die. To reduce the number of people dying, it is better for people to have their private cars but not all can afford it so donating cars is encouraged.